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Window cleaning

This is our bread and butter, and our team are very experienced in cleaning all types of windows. We use the most modern and effective telescopic high-reach cleaning equipment to reach places other companies can’t. Whether your property is commercial, educational, or otherwise, we’ll leave the windows so clean you’ll forget they were there.


Gutter cleaning

Faulty gutters can cause real issues for your business. If your premises’ gutters are clogged and leaking, this should not be ignored. Besides causing structural issues, water damage is very unsightly, which hardly shines your business in the best light. Our team is equipped with the best kit to clean and clear your gutters, helping you avoid any issues going forward.


Stone render washing

A very modern and popular aesthetic, stone render is commonly seen on large corporate buildings, but also on smaller ones too. Contemporary in appearance, it looks great, but to maintain this look it’s important to clean it regularly. Dirt and algae build up easily, which can cheapen the appearance of any building – and your business – in the process. Render cleaning requires specific care and attention to detail. If the correct methods aren’t implemented, your building’s exterior will suffer long-term. We use a form of low-pressure washing known as Softwashing. It’s an eco-friendly method that cleans rendered surfaces without damaging the building’s exterior. Using this technique, we’ll have your property looking fresh for years to come.


Pressure washing

Treating your building well tells your clients you care about not only the presentation but safety too. Whether it’s a dirty path, mossy block paving, or walls that have seen better days, some areas need a little bit of extra attention. This is especially true in the winter months when build-up can affect the look – and safety – of your property


uPVC cleaning

White surfaces like uPVC are the first to show visible signs of dirt, cheapening the look of your building and company. Our experts carry out all types of uPVC cleaning on your property, restoring your building’s external fixtures such as soffits and fascias to their former glory.


One-off jobs or periodic maintenance

We want to partner with you for the long term to keep your property in tip-top condition. With Glamorgan Washing, you have the choice of a range of bespoke pages from weekly to yearly cleaning. Whatever your needs, we’re here to meet them.But perhaps you don't need an ongoing partnership. That’s no problem. We’re more than happy to carry out one-off jobs across a range of sectors


Solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are a long-term investment that save your business money while providing sustainable energy. Dirt buildup over time can impact their efficiency which in turn will take up funds that could be spent elsewhere. As such, the utmost care should be taken during maintenance. Before the careful cleaning commences, our experts will assess your panels and craft a bespoke package. We will then carry out regular cleaning to ensure you get the most out of your solar panels.


Cladding cleaning

Many businesses use cladding to give their business a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Whether your cladding is brick, timber, veneer, stone, or render, regular cleaning is essential. A pristine exterior tells potential customers that you care about appearance, showing them that they’re in the hands of professionals. Clean cladding also has practical financial implications, as many cladding warranties are dependent on regular maintenance. Using our telescopic high reach cleaning equipment, we’re able to offer a perfect finish and reach those places that other companies simply can’t.


Rooftop cleaning

You may wonder why you should clean your property’s roof. After all, it’s not like your customers will be carefully scrutinising that part of the building. Well, roof maintenance is actually very important. A clean roof has a much longer lifespan because it’s much less likely to develop leaks or other structural issues. Plus, regular cleaning means that problems will be found before they have a chance to spiral out of control and cause real lasting damage. Our team will follow all of the relevant health and safety measures during cleaning, leaving your roof in tip-top condition.



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Rebekah Thomas

Talbot Green

I would like to highly recommend Glamorgan Washing for their exceptional exterior building cleaning services at Nando's Talbot Green Restaurant. As the manager, I was impressed by their professionalism, punctuality, and discreet approach. They exceeded our expectations and delivered a high standard of work. I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future.


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Clean windows and surfaces provide a more positive and stimulating workspace
Clogged gutters cause water damage, leakage, and other health and safety issues.
Unwashed walking surfaces are unsightly and may present a slip hazard.


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